Who we are

Some Words About us

We are known for being a company dedicated to cleanliness and good presence. CleansUp knows how important it is to look good and to work in a clean environment. This is why our team is dedicates to the smallest detail. The first impression of you house and office is very important to your guest, CleansUp got you cover.


We value time, the safety of our employees and the quality of our services.


It takes a lot of time to have everything clean and in order. Let us handle your dirty work!

Our service is carefully studied to determine the cleaning minutes per area to optimize time and money.


The safety of our employees is very important for us, we are proud to have the Certificate Of Liability Insurance that keeps our employees, our employers and our company free from liabilities.


The quality of our services

It is important for CleansUp to offer a high quality service. For this reason our products are chosen for the needs of our clients. We also provide hypo-allergenic products.